About Us

Astra Robotics is one of its kind interdisciplinary student technical team of RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru. We work towards providing innovative solutions to the day to day problems of society through our continuous and dedicated work in the field of robotics and automation.We firmly believe that automation and innovation are the keys to a better and efficient future.

We, being a student club, take immense pride in the fact that we belong to the prestigious IEEE chapter of RVCE. This gives us access to the elite resources of IEEE which includes publications, conferences, competitions, professional and educational activities among many others. Our goal is to transform members of our chapter into leaders in the industry.

We participate in recognized competitions and tech-fests hosted by top technical institutes as well as by industry stalwarts. Our members have done us proud at all these events and brought laurels to our college, thereby elevating our technical standards and knowhow.

At Astra Robotics , we do realize the importance of sharing the knowledge and experience we gain with the student community by means of numerous workshops conducted all around the city on various topics that are of current and future relevance in field of robotics and automation.

'Automation applied to an efficient operation magnifies the efficiency'-Bill Gates