Genesis 3.0

Build a strong foundation and you can reach even the most unthinkable heights” – M.J. Moores

The new recruits of Astra Robotics started to strengthen their skills in the field of robotics with Genesis 3.0, a workshop aimed at giving an idea about the basics of working and designing of robots.

The team members of Astra conducted a series of sessions about different aspects of building a robot. A brief introduction of the various subsystems present in Astra was given. Quizzes were held after each session to make the workshop interactive. Mentors were assigned to help students with any kind of technical issues they were facing.

 The workshop dealt with introduction to the Arduino IDE, robot dynamics, working of motors, type of sensors their working and applications on the first day. Students developed small prototypes of real time applications on various sensors like ultrasonic, infrared, LDR interfacing with the Arduino.

On the second day, students were given a chance to apply what they learned and were separated into groups to encourage and inculcate team spirit and mutual coordination working under the same project. A general description of building a line follower was given and the students were expected to synthesize their own code.

Students learnt to analyse, synthesize, debug, decode and implement the line follower which was a great learning experience for the new recruits to start working on bigger projects in the club.

 - Sai Kailash BC and Rutu Kiran