We built a live Tetris game using individually addressable RGB LEDs i.e WS2811 (150 of them) and the Arduino Nano.

For the physical structure, we used a wooden plank with 150 drilled holes to place the LED.

It is powered by a 5V regulated DC power supply and the data was sent serially by the Arduino Nano. We have used a Bluetooth module to make it wireless.

An app was built using the MIT app inventor tool and designed in such a way that any command given in the app is serially sent to the BlueTooth module. Based on the data received, the Arduino responds accordingly and sends data serially to the WS2811 IC. Thus the blocks change accordingly in the display!

As a diffuser, we used a piece of white cloth and covered it. This will give it an appearance of blocked tiles moving on screen. As the rows get filled up it is popped from the screen and the blocks shift down. The score is displayed on the app.

The required code is linked below.


- Sriniketh S and Vinayak DB